About us

Hi, my name is Amelia Perkin. I am a 15 year old girl beginning to start a business. This year, my GCSEs and year 11 prom were cancelled, I was devastated. Because of this, I had a lot of time free as I was no longer studying. During the build up to my exams this year, I would make handmade soaps. These soaps were a creative outlet for me, a release from endless school work. Instead of wasting this time panicking and being upset, I decided to try and sell my soaps, as people began showing interest in the ones I would give to family. It was an immediate success and I slowly began creating a brand. My soaps are vegan friendly, natural and arrive through your letterbox in plastic free packaging. As of right now, we can post orders anywhere in the UK! I am supported by an encouraging family, and people who share my business and promote my brand, I am very lucky! Launching this business has taken a lot of hard work, therefore, I hope you enjoy your soaps as much as I did making them!